This is part of a poster I made recently. It serves as a background for some cardboard cutouts. Will be back and discuss when I can. I only grabbed this image from my research document cos I can’t be bothered to sift through the hundreds of files in that project folder.

That’d be me. A-crackin’.

Easter holidays are coming up, I’ve got one last class tomorrow before we get a week off school. Does this mean we get a lovely break from projects and deadlines and thumbnailing and sketching and wireframing and drawing and presenting and researching? A big fat NO.

They actually assigned us stuff to work on over the break. All of them did. So it’s not a break. It’s the time to finalise everything we have going at the moment. So by the time we come back from “holidays”, we will have finished our drawings, our poster should be pretty much done, we should have fully-skinned wireframes for SIX web pages, the short animation we’re storyboarding tomorrow (one of THREE) should be pretty much done by the time we’re back in class. The research we’re doing for our case study in marketing should have been gathered and reviewed by then. The “progressive value” drawings should be ready for submission.

I’m cracking. I’m not joking. I am seriously cracking.

The problem is that I’ll be out of town from the 7th of April and won’t be back till Sunday 11th. I work the following Monday and Tuesday starts the school week. Hell week. So from tomorrow. I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to work on everything. I guess I’m lucky I wasn’t able to grab extra shifts at work. Not making money this weekend but it’s a blessing I have that time to finish school stuff.

You think four days is enough? I really don’t think so but it better be. I’ve mapped out what needs to be done and I’ve spread them over the four days and have decided I’m bringing the visual diaries for drawing and animation so I can finish my thumbnails and work on my storyboards for animations #2 and #3. It should work out fine since I’m staying at an arts lodge in Byron Bay. I can mingle with the vrais artistes and grab a few ideas from them. So I’m hoping that works out nicely.

Still swamped but am beginning to find the workload a little bit more manageable.

This poster took far too long to produce. I started out ambitious with all sorts of ideas, one of which included a paper cutout of a person looking at paper cutouts of clothes (the stuff I photographed in week 2) then started cutting back until I went back to my comfort zone. While it came out alright and it does work as it is and it does stand out against the other posters, mainly because it’s the only pink one around haha (it’s not even a color I’ve ever favoured!), I need to push myself harder.

Please ignore that where says rabbit’s paw on there somewhere. I was writing that when someone in class was harping on about monkeys..

Please ignore that it says rabbit’s paw on there somewhere. I was writing that when someone in class was harping on about monkeys..

Next poster for this class is for a design school’s Open Day. Have just started working on conceptual development.

As for others, we’re at the wireframes stage for a rollerskating website. It’s a great one to work on. I’ve been researching that site for so many hours that it’s beginning to feel like home when I type in the URL to go there haha.

Ok I gotta go before I miss my bus.

Exercise on grid enlargement and tonal value shading thingy. I think this took me about 7 hours in total.

Today he made us draw a lot of stuff without looking at our work and without looking at the object and without lifting the pencil off the paper and with charcoal and in two minutes. We did lots of drawing today. Well, you can guess how that turned out. Or so I thought, he said he liked my bold confident strokes. I think it’s got more to do with the fact that I’ve grown a bit more shameless in things I do but not very well. I shrug and give it a go anyway. Nothing to lose when you’re coming from zero.

I’d think he was taking the piss but he strikes me as someone who takes drawing very seriously. So I’ll take what I can get from his feedback and keep drawing even though it’s something that’s made me uncomfortable all my life. It makes me happy to know that I have drawing class all year.

Week two ended yesterday and I am STILL freaking out. Got a poster due on Tuesday and I have about 4% of it done. By 4% I mean, I have JACK SHIT. It’s for an international competition held annually by Fur Free Alliance called “Design Against Fur”. The details are on its site in the Design Against Fur section. My idea involves taking pictures of a model (By model I mean a very  kind friend. Luckily she’s got an art project I can help her with.)

Anyway so yeah that poster’s due. Also due on the same day is a proposal presentation for a website we’re meant to be redesigning this semester. I love it and it’s going to be massively fun but I have even less done for that. Right now I’m at work and tomorrow I’m doing a quick (I hope) photo shoot for everything I need for the poster. Funny thing is (by funny I mean stressful) I’ve got to clean up the photos on Photoshop, print them out, cut them out, lay them out then take ANOTHER photo. Also I have to find a rabbit. Live one would be better but I may end up drawing the damn thing. That or re-conceptualise. By re-conceptualise I mean throw myself in the path of an oncoming train.

A grid enlargement/tonal shading drawing exercise is due on Wednesday and I’ve got to start working with an assigned group (woe!) on a case study for marketing. Please don’t get me started on getting the hang of Flash. My brain exploded last Thursday just trying to get a fish and shark to swim around, blow bubbles AND blink their eye(s). It wasn’t even good.

Photography is my current favorite subject.

I’ve also got an Open Day poster to work on but the concepts aren’t due in for another 2 weeks so I’m not worrying about that yet.

I’m going to crumble and I’ve got another 14 weeks to go.

I will probably have to let go of one of my jobs, probably the car dealership one since it takes up all of my Saturday. That and the new manager is a micro-managing prick.

Done with the first week of classes and I am swamped and freaking out. I work about 25 hours a week and classes take up another 25 hours of class time and for each class (I have 5) I have to devote between 3-6 hours per week outside of class time. Apparently it takes 3 hours to make 15 seconds of animation. But then again that’s similar to when I was studying film and finding out (the hard way) that 1 hour of post-production is roughly equivalent to a minute of video output. I pretty much died the semester I had 4 film subjects.

So I’m going to give it a month and see if this is something I can sustain. I fear I may have to cut down on working and I don’t want to do that because I have about 5 trips planned this year and I need the cash. Part of that money goes to school fees anyway and there’s just not enough to get around.

I am going to get buried. I’ve been reading my marketing book on the train and on lunch breaks (if I’m not busy researching or photocopying and scanning stuff), just because there’s no other time to do it. I still have about 20 pages to read before the next class and while that’s not much, I have to worry about progressing on a drawing, completing a presentation and coming up with at least 3 concepts whose design I can properly execute in 2 weeks’ time and drawing sketches for it, researching on two photographers and preparing a presentation, website research and comparison then presenting on that as well… I’m loving it but if this is what a week is like, then I am so screwed this year.


We were given our timetables earlier this week and I was horrified at how unfriendly mine looked. So I studied it and tried to customise the layout…

…into something that I could better understand:

So now I’m beginning to understand what my year looks like and what kind of workload I’m dealing with. I’ve got a section telling me when my breaks are between classes – to make it easier to plan trips and work timetable. I have the classes broken down in terms of sessions, of months, weeks, days and time. I’ve also color-coordinated the subjects I’m meant to be learning this year, and hopefully studying outside of class hours. I’ve also highlighted the week I’m meant to be ready for presentation. And lastly, I’ve included a box indicating what a regular week looks like and when I might be available – handy when planning family events or babysitting nights.

I’m very pleased with what I’ve done, even though it took far too long. It took me ages just to make sense of the original layout, complicated by the fact that a few first-year subjects are thrown in together with this year’s subjects. But now I can organise my water job roster and fit in when I can work on side projects.

So I received my timetable a few days ago and I have classes 4 days a week and it’s looking intense. Bring it on! I’ve got to take a couple of Year 1 subjects on top of all the Year 2 subjects I’m doing (I think I’m pushing a couple of Year 2 subjects into early 2011 though), all because of some unfortunate incident that temporarily interrupted my studies. Ok well only 2 weeks of class time, in the end, but I’ve had grief about it over the summer break.

I’ve switched schools and so far it’s all coming up roses. Even if I don’t start till the 2nd of March haha, it’s a good vibe I’m getting from them. So this year’s going to be pretty full-on. I love it!

I’ve got Design Studio ALL year, a lot of Drawing and Photography (I think this is all year too yay), Multimedia and Advertising and Marketing. Excited much??

In the meantime, I’ll try to finish reading Designing Logos before classes commence, otherwise I will have no time for that at all.

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